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paw bulletWhat is a screen saver?

Originally designed to stop image burn on computer screens, but most modern computers can now turn the monitor off after a period of non-use and that's to be encouraged if the computer is going to be left for any long period. Now screensavers tend to be used to hide the screen while you're away from your desk, or to display some interesting image or message while the computer is not being used.

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Free Bengal Screen Saver:

This should work with any PC (sorry Mac users, maybe latter we'll get some for you).

System Requirements
  • Pentium® class CPU - 350 Mhz
  • 65536 color video card - 800x600
  • 64 Mb RAM
  • Microsoft Windows® 95 (with ComCtl32 v4.72+) or NT 4.0 SP4
  • Pentium® 3/4 or AMD Athlon - 500 Mhz or more
  • True Color Video Card (24 or 32 bits - 16,8 M colors) - 1024x768
  • 128 Mb RAM
  • Microsoft Windows® ME/2000/XP or more
paw bulletThis screen saver was not created with any malicious ad ware or spy ware (or even friendly *wink*).

Save the screen saver below by clicking on the link. This will allow you to save the file wherever you wish.  File size is approximately 806 kb.

Bengal Screen Saver
© - Bengals Cattery
Created by Crystal Cloud Graphics

Images in the Bengal  Screen Saver

To install the screen saver, open your file manager and find where you saved the above file.  When double clicked you will open this file with a .zip file utility.  Inside the .zip file you will find a .scr program.  It usually automatically installs when double clicked.  If it does not, place the .scr file into whatever folder your system keeps screen savers (if you don't know, do a *.scr search).  

Then open:  "Contol Panel," then  double click "Display."  Next click on the window tab that says "Screen Saver" and click the pull down list of screen savers on your system.  Highlight Bengal Screensaver and click apply.  You can go back to the control panel and change your screen saver to any of the ones listed at any time you want.
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A fast way to select a screen saver, or change how long it takes to appear is to right click on your desktop then select 'properties' followed by 'screen saver'.  Consult your Windows help for further information.

If you have problems or questions please write the creator of the screen saver.


paw bulletCreating your own screen savers:

Would you like to create your own screen savers?  It is very easy!  Crystal Cloud Graphics recommends this inexpensive program for all beginners.  Just click on the button. animated star
Click to get your own copy of XARA!

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