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FRIENDS BULLETThese links put you in touch with very interesting, helpful and loving people on the web.

CAT INFO BULLETThese links will connect you to related areas of information on cats.

BENGAL BULLETThese links are great sites for more information/resources on Bengals.

Sit back, start clicking, and browse your way through some pages that are very enjoyable.

BENGAL BULLETI adopt my Bengal kittens to loving families through:
Pets 4!

CAT INFO BULLETBil-Jac Kitten and Cat Food
Bengal Cattery feeds and recommends Bil-Jac kitten and cat foods.

FRIENDS BULLETCrystal Cloud Graphics
Designer of this Bengals - Bengal web site.  I am thrilled with this site, I knew Kythera Ann was talented, but this is beyond my wildest dreams.  At Crystal Cloud Graphics you can commission designs such as this, or you can take advantage of the many free web sets and graphics the site offers.

FRIENDS BULLETElysium Gates Web Host
This is where I am hosting my web site.  The service is excellent, the prices are reasonable.  I love the community feeling, contests and message boards.  Best is that the fees also go to help charities!

CAT INFO BULLETFeline Cardiomyopathy
Although Bengals are concidered to be "hearty", healthy cats in so many respects.  Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy can sometimes rarely occur.  Here is a web-site offering information on the subject.  Please Read.

BENGAL BULLETFilial Bengal Cat Consultant
Breeders or pet owners specializing in the care of early generation domestic Bengals share their knowledge and expertise.  View photos and learn about the early generation domestic Bengal. 

CAT INFO BULLETInternational Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance
A cat breeder international alliance that unites all breeds of cats into one unique, powerful organization.  Breeders work together to protect all cat breeds from restrictive legislation.

CAT INFO BULLETRevival Animal Health
If you wish to bathe your kitty yourself, then we definitely recommend "Health Guard" (dry formula) Shampoo.

BENGAL BULLETThe International Bengal Breeder Association
This is a non-profit corporation composed of a group of dedicated breeders, owners and enthusiasts who are united in their efforts to preserve, improve and promote the future of all generations of the domestic Bengal cat.

BENGAL BULLETThe International Bengal Cat Society
This is an all volunteer society of Bengal enthusiasts.  TIBCS helps to bring this exotic feline and its enthusiasts/breeders to the web.

CAT INFO BULLETTICA (The International Cat Association)
All of our kittens that are available are registered with TICA.

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Cat Breeders Directory at -Everything for cats

Cat, Cats, Feline Paradise! - Discover all you could ever want to know about cats, get lots of free cat stuff, and interact with cat owners from around the world in our informative cat forums at!

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