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We are a small cattery;  therefore, we do only a carefully selected amount of breeding.  We have a limited number of kittens that are available for placement throughout the year.  Each one of our kittens is given individual attention from birth.  All kittens are sold with a health guarantee and altering agreement to be reviewed and signed at the time of purchase.  Kittens will be placed in their new homes with their new families between 10 and 12 weeks of age (if picked up locally).  Please feel free to call us regarding our current availability.  Also, let us know a little bit about yourself and what you are looking for.  We take pride in providing healthy and happy kittens to good homes.  If we are unable to assist you immediately, we will happily place you on our waiting list.

Call (1 828-664-9786) This site is for sale. The cattery has closed..

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paw bullet  KITTEN PRICES

Kittens are available in Pet/Breeder/Show Qualities.  Contact us for prices and more information.   We love to talk about our Bengal-Babies and will gladly answer any questions that you may have.
paw bullet  DEPOSITS

Deposits are accepted to hold a kitten until the kitten is old enough to leave their mother and be adopted into their new home.  Amount of deposit required is half, and the remaining half must be paid in full on or before the date of adoption.  We do not accept deposits on unborn kittens.

Kitty shipping
Kittens ship well, but they aren't
impressed with the process.

Hear this kitten's comments!

paw bullet  SHIPPING

Shipping is available when the kitten reaches at least 16 weeks of age.  We only ship with safe temperatures permitting.  Total for shipping runs $250 to $285 in the continental U.S.  Purchaser pays all shipping charges in addition to the price of the kitten.  We do not charge anything for shipping.  All charges are at our COST.  This includes the Airline charge, crate, procuring a Health Certificate for interstate travel, and any/all additional vaccinations required for shipment.
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