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Q. What is the focus of the Bengal Breeding Program?
Q. Is the Bengal Breed a good "fit" for me or my family?
Q. Should I adopt a female or a male kitten?
Q. Do Bengals get along well with other animals?
Q. What sets Music City Kittys Bengal Cattery apart from other Bengal Breeders?

Q. Is it okay to declaw my Bengal after adoption?
Q. What happens if I want to change the food that my kitten is eating?
Q. What kind of litter do you recommend using?
Q.  What kind of food and water dishes do you recommend?

Q. What are the benefits of adopting a pure-bred kitten from a breeder?

Q.  What is the focus of the Bengal Breeding Program?

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Q.  Is the Bengal Breed a good "fit" for me or my family?

A.   Most agree that Bengal cats are highly intelligent.  With their "exotic" and "wild" appearance, they are really like having a  sweet "lap-leopard" all of your own.  They can also be very mischievous and boisterous.  They are active cats with a high energy level always ready to play and entertain you!  Some folks leash train them, and teach them to fetch, and play other games.  The Bengals are also unique in that they actually love and enjoy water.  It's so amazing!  They can sometimes appear to be like big clowns!  The Bengal mixes well with children and other animals.  With their sleek, soft coat, which is more like a pelt than ordinary cat fur, people sometimes with allergies claim that the Bengal Breed brings out fewer reactions.  Frequent travelers may find this attention-seeking breed unsuitable as an only pet.  If you do travel some you may want to think about adopting two!

Q.  Should I adopt a female or a male kitten?

A.  Both males and females make wonderful pets.  There is little variation in their personalities, once they have been de-sexed.  Some "generalized" cat care books state that males are more extroverted and more apt to adapt themselves with strangers.  These same books state females are more standoffish, and need more time to bond with their owners or adapt to company or strangers.  We have found that with the Bengal breed this is not necessarily true.  Both sexes make fine pets!

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Q.  Do Bengals get along well with other animals?

A.  Actually, yes, very well.  Bengals are extremely inquisitive,  yet time is needed in meeting other animals.  You may see the usual "hissing" at first, but usually after slow introductions a week or two) and lots of reassuring, friends will be made.  We have placed our Bengals into homes with existing cats, dogs, even large breed dogs, and they have adapted well.  If the existing animals are friendly and gentle, then there should be no problems.  We do, however, choose to NOT adopt-out our Bengal-Babies to homes that have Pitt bulls or Rotweilers.

Q.  What sets Bengal Cattery apart from other Bengal Breeders?

A.  We have over 15 years of experience breeding cats.  We love our Bengal-Babies and put forth every effort to give them everything they need.  We also put forth the effort to find the perfect home for each kitten.  Each and every kitten has an individual personality and we try to find the perfect home with the right "fit".  Each kitten is raised underfoot (in home) with lots of love and attention, and kittens are only allowed to leave their mothers after they have matured sufficiently and learned critical social skills (about 10-12 weeks).  We also take into consideration the vitality of our Breeding cats.  Our Adult Breeding cats are allowed sufficient time between litters to maintain their own best health.  We are not a kitten mill.   Cat breeding is not something that those motivated solely by money should attempt.  Please read: http://www.thatdarncat.com/money4kittens.html  

Q.  Is it okay to declaw my Bengal after adoption?

A.  Absolutely not.  If there is any chance that you would consider declawing one of our kittens, then we would advise you to look for a different kind of animal such as a dog for a companion.  The procedure commonly called "declawing" is actually a form of mutilation and is outlawed by almost all other countries.   You are essentially cutting off half the cat's toes and destroying the muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves there.  Some cats afterward may exhibit undesirable behavior, like refusing to use the litter box, because their damaged toes never feel right again digging in the litter.  There are many other options that one can consider.  We recommend having a cat scratching post easily accessible to your kitten(s) at all times.  For more stubborn cats, there are other humane alternatives, such as Soft Paws®.  Also, keeping your kitten's nails trimmed is important.  If you're unsure how to do this yourself, you can always talk to your veterinarian about scheduling a time where he or she can walk you through the process, and you can then learn to do it properly and safely by yourself.

Q.  What happens if I want to change the food that my kitten is eating?

Bil-Jac Kitten FoodA.  We recommend feeding your Bengal kitten Bil-Jac kitten food until he or she has reached at least one year of age.  If in this time you choose to change the kitten's food, dramatically, it could cause some stomach upset or diarrhea.  What we recommend is a gradual transition, adding a bit more each day, slowly mixing in a little of the new food with their existing food until completely switched over.  This usually takes approximately two weeks.  There are many good foods on the market, but of course we want to see our kittens only eating "premium" quality kitten foods.

Q.  What kind of litter do you recommend using?

A.  First, what we DON'T recommend is any kind of "clumping" litter; it can be dangerous for kittens less than six months of age.  Bengals recommend Swheat Scoop or World's Best Cat Litter.   We have had the best feedback on these two products.  If neither one is available in your area, then we recommend using a basic, unscented clay litter.  After SIX months of age you can start using a "clumping" clay litter if you wish.

Q.  What kind of food and water dishes do you recommend?

A.  Stainless steel or ceramic is preferred.  Please try to avoid using plastic food and water dishes, as they can discolor the muzzle and cause chin acne.
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Q.  What are the benefits of adopting a pure-bred kitten from a breeder?

A.  Comparison Chart:

Kitten from a Breeder Kitten from an Animal Shelter
Kitten from a Shopping Mall Pet Store
Health History Unknown Health History Health history varies
Guaranteed Free From: Feline Leukemia, Feline Aids, Heart Disease, Kidney Disease No Guarantees Guarantees vary
Responsible breeding of gene pools and care of breeding stock.
Unknown gene pool background (many interbred cats within the same familial generation).  Often ill, feral or abused parent cats.
Often from "kitten mills," therefore exhausted breeding stock.
Properly socialized kittens Often feral and unsocialized "Kitten mills" don't properly socialize their animals for eventual buyers

Note that buying directly from a breeder is a process, not an impulse.  Be prepared to possibly have to "wait" for a kitten.  Demand often exceeds supply because responsible breeders "rest" their Queens between litters.  Breeders usually require a contract with the new pet quality cat owner stating that the owner must remain committed to the cat for its entire life, not declaw the cat, provide adequate medical care, and that the cat will be (or has been) de-sexed.   Buying from a breeder ensures you a healthy pet and ongoing concern for its welfare.

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